Useful Information

My Responsibilities As A Teacher

To provide a welcoming and encouraging environment for learning
To plan your lessons so that you learn all the skills you need to be a good musician – technique, music theory, aural skills, general musicianship and performance practice.
To teach you how to practise so you can learn to play the music you enjoy to the best of your ability
To listen to you and take account of your preferences in the music I ask you to learn (although sometimes you will need to study pieces for special technical aspects even if they are never going to be your favourites)

Your Responsibilities As A Student

To arrive on time for your lesson with all your music and your notebook, and clean hands
To listen carefully during the lesson
To check your notebook at home to make sure you practise the right things for the next lesson
To practise regularly so that you keep your hands fit and learn your music – just like a footballer has to train to keep fit for the match!
To ask me if you’re not sure of anything in the lesson.
(If you are an adult)To pay me on time.

Your Responsibilities As A Parent/Carer

To bring the student to the lesson on time
To provide a suitable instrument for practising at home
To encourage the pupil to practise regularly. Help him or her to work out a good timetable so that they don’t feel they have to miss out on favourite TV programmes or other activities.
To listen to the pupil practising at least occasionally, and if possible let me know about any problems (just in case the pupil forgets)
To praise the pupil when you think they have worked especially hard at practising, or have played you something particularly well. They won’t always produce that golden performance in their lesson time, so it will encourage greater efforts if they know someone appreciates what they are doing.
To pay me on time.