Payment and Rescheduling


All lessons are paid for monthly in advance. Payment is due on the first lesson of the month. I reserve the right to charge a £10 late payment fee. Payment may be by cash or cheque, or via Paypal or bank transfer if agreed in advance.

Current Fees

Lessons are currently £17 per half hour and £31 per hour.

Accompaniment for exams is worked out case by case, based on at least 2 half hour rehearsals plus my normal hourly rate for travel to the exam location, a warm up and the exam itself.

Rescheduling lessons

If you have to miss a lesson for any reason, I will make every effort to reschedule if you let me know well in advance. However if you give less than 48 hours notice I reserve the right to charge for the full lesson.

If I have to reschedule any lesson I can’t give, for any reason, I will give you as much notice as possible. If we can’t agree on a suitable alternative time, I will reimburse you for that lesson.

Breaks from lessons and Giving Notice

Please give at least one month’s notice if you wish to stop lessons. If I need to stop teaching you/your child for any reason, I will also give one month’s notice.

I teach all year round, not just school term time. If you need to take a break from lessons for 4 weeks or more, please give one month’s notice, and be advised that I will only guarantee to keep the space open if you pay me a retainer equal to half the normal lesson fee.